Around the world in 100 days

Prodrill staff based at Aberdeen’s headquarters, will participate in a corporate health and wellbeing challenge, to help improve their lifestyle, increase employee engagement and lift team spirit.

Employees will embark on a 100-day virtual journey across the globe, working on individual goals and group challenges, creating a healthy workplace competition to complete the challenge.

Each member is given interactive tools to record their current health and monitor this over the 100-day challenge, which includes mini fun challenges and advice to build confidence to achieve their goals.  They start the journey by tracking their daily activity, working towards 10,000 plus steps each day and can include a wide variety of sports such as cycling, swimming and rowing, to accomplish their travels around the world.  

Prodrill has taken part in this challenge for the past six years.  They have created a team “this is not a (pro)Drill”, and assigned Justin Marsden as team captain, who will keep the team motivated on their quest to a healthier lifestyle.  It’s hugely important that companies look after their employees and support their health and wellbeing and this challenge creates team bonding through fun competitive banter.

The Virgin Pulse Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) has been running for over 15 years, and has been designed to improve lives, boosting culture and camaraderie, increasing job satisfaction and productivity and reducing employee stress levels.   The challenge addresses key elements of employee wellbeing including physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mental wellbeing.

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