Are you match fit?

‘Competence’ the ability to undertake responsibilities and perform activities to a recognised standard on a regular basis. 

The Oil & Gas  industry has always focused on training and certification for compliance purposes. Now, in today’s current climate, it is becoming more apparent at the recruitment stage that candidates need to demonstrate competency. Certifications are part of the competency suite required to work in certain oil & Gas roles. In most cases, certificates need to be submitted to clients as part of the initial recruitment and screening process. 

The main safety certifications for offshore roles include:

  • BOSIET (with CA-EBS)

  • Medical certificate (UKOOA approved)

  • MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training)

It has become more vital than ever for candidates to ensure that all certifications are up to date. 

Industry volatility, changes in projects and cost control measures mean that clients often do not recruit too far in advance of their needs. 

It is common for some job vacancies to have just a 10-day window for mobilisation. As a job seeker in the offshore oil and gas industry, you need to ensure that you manage your own certification. Plan your certification renewals into your schedule and ensure you have time to update your certificates. 

The reality is, that in the current economic environment, clients will not wait and  will not consider you to be competent or mobilisation-ready without the required valid certification.   

The large pool of candidates on the market means that clients have a larger choice of applications to consider. Candidates could miss out on an opportunity if they are not ready to mobilise. It is much easier to secure a new offshore role if you are “match-fit” to mobilise straight away.