How to Network in the Digital Age!

Networking with peers, clients and industry bodies has never been more important, especially with the majority of us currently working from home. To keep up to speed with Oil and Gas industry changes and developments, whether it is a company seeking new business, or an individual looking for new job opportunities, it is really important to continue to make connections and involve yourself in online education through webinars and conferences, regardless of knowledge and experience. Remember, every day is a school day! 

Keeping your hand on the pulse of the industry, whilst looking for work, is also highly advantageous as it demonstrates to potential employers that a job seeker is aware of what is happening within a fast paced, ever changing environment and can also lead to discussion during interview stages. 

LinkedIn is one of many great social media platforms that will allow you to connect to people and companies, whilst providing links to online training, specific webinars and virtual conferencing, many of which are free, whilst targeted around specific disciplines within the Oil and Gas arena.  Being informed allows you to become part of something bigger.

We are all learning how to adapt to new circumstances in this digital age. Let social media help you to help yourself!