Redundancy looming, what now?

Currently across the UK, and worldwide there has been an unemployment rise due to varying commercial and economic hardship we are experiencing. When you or your loved one is on the receiving end of the stark reality of redundancy, it is important to remember that you are not alone. 

Redundancy is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that it is your role that is being made redundant, not you. Reaching out to your friends and family will be critical during this period. It is, however, equally important to become informed of the resources that are available to you to help navigate this often-stressful period.

There is a wealth of support companies, and government bodies to help you return to work. Communication and technology will play an important part during this period as well as building relationships with support organisations such as out placement organisations, recruitment agencies, learning and development establishments Remember that many of these resources are FREE of charge.  

There are various leading job boards that you can sign up to receive the latest vacancies. These jobs board can connect you straight through to the employers and agency recruitment websites. There are often daily and weekly job alerts, as well as market information on who is hiring due to new contract wins.

Personal branding is critical in today’s competitive job market. Not only should you be active on leading social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram but its important to promote your skills and experience in the right way. 

Traditionally CV’s have been used to introduce yourself to prospective employers, however you may also want to consider creating a personal video by way of an introduction which is now becoming more common place across certain sectors. At this point you may want to visit YouTube and tap into the thousands of experts who can help you promote yourself digitally. 

Forging links with a specialist recruitment agency such as Prodrill will play a key part in securing your next employment opportunity. Do not dilute yourself too much. Build relationships with one or two specialists who have the right expertise in your sector and who will showcase you to prospective employers proactively working on your behalf. 

Consider not only staff positions, but interim project work. This will help demonstrate to employers you are flexible. This not only helps get you back into employment but can also enhance your skills to make you more marketable for the next permanent opportunity. 

It is important to remember during this period of uncertainty that you are patient and kind to yourself.  Remain positive and focused on the end goal. As one door closes, and another will open…

Prodrill are a leading recruitment specialist supporting the upstream oil & gas sector. 

Our recruitment knowledge spans across 4 decades. We are experts in permanent staffing solutions, contractor management and interim PAYE Contracts. Our team of  experts have over 100 years of experience to tap into to help you find your next opportunity.

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FREE websites and organisations to assist you on your return to work

Talent Retention Solutions (TRS) is an independent employer led programme which is dedicated to supporting the attraction, development and retention of people and skills in the UK manufacturing, engineering, and technology.

PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment) is the Scottish Government’s initiative for responding to redundancy situations. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) leads on the delivery of PACE on the government’s behalf in conjunction with other partner organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions, local authorities, the STUC and Citizen's Advice Scotland.

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