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Time vs. Money

Oct 28, 2021

As businesses emerge from the past 12 months and look to maximise opportunities it is critical to be able to react quickly when business opportunities present themselves. 

Many companies have cut their staffing levels back to core, and whilst this has helped them navigate the uncertainty of the sector, long term it can leave your business exposed and unable to react to customer demands quickly when the need arises.

Having the right manpower resourcing strategy in place will be critical in remaining competitive. 

By asking yourself a few simple structured questions will help you decided how nimble you are when it comes to your resource planning:

  • Do your in-house resources have the time to manage a recruitment strategy in support your business growth?

  • Do your in-house resources have the ability to identify talent quickly?

  • Do your in-house resources review applicants oppose to actually sourcing for candidates?

  • Do your in-house resources have the multi-skilled technical knowledge to source for the broad spectrum of disciplines you may need ?

  • Do your in-house resources have the breadth of networks to tap into the right applicants?

  • Do your in-house resources juggle a variety of tasks that could distract them from reacting promptly?

If you have any doubts about your current resources and in-house ability to help you secure the right talent quickly then seeking the support of local specialised recruitment company Prodrill Energy Resource Solutions will save you time and money.

In business for circa 40 years, and with over 100 years of recruitment and commercial expertise in house, specialists in temporary workers, staffing solutions and contractor management Prodrill have the knowledge, experience, and expertise  at our finger tips to help you navigate the complexity of hiring new workers. Servicing the global energy industry, we are experts in:

To have a confidential chat with one of our experts on how we can take the strain from your sourcing requirements contact us today on +44 (0) 1224 261920.

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