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Importance of your own brand.

Apr 05, 2022

Do you have a killer CV, how is your personal branding?

With a CV being one of the most important documents in your job quest do you stand out from the crowd?

I will let you into a secret, recruiters and or hiring manager do not always read CVs from cover to cover, they glance through them, skipping to the most critical elements for the job role.

An experienced recruiter may only take 10-20 seconds, and if your CV does not stand out grabbing their attention, sadly you will fall victim to yet another rejection.

Whilst there are lots of articles, tutorials, and videos on how to get yourself noticed, its is important not to forget some basic by applying the AAA principals – accurate, appropriate, articulate.

Do not however attempt to be overly creative and add in unnecessary flash images and photographs. A good layout, font and style can achieve the same result

Our top tip when creating a CV is be your own critic, really study what you have written, does it showcase you to the best of your ability… it could be the difference between a job offer or not!

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