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Contracting Solutions

An adaptable workforce is key in today’s employment market

Whether you are the end user client who requires the support or the candidate undertaking the assignment, contract staff are generally viewed as a more flexible solution. Suitable for solving skills and/or workforce shortages, subcontracting less demanding roles, or replacing employees for brief periods, Contractors (as they are typically known across the energy sector) can handle peak workloads, specialised assignments, and they can be very useful in handling periods of intense work volume that are only expected to last for a defined period. It’s also ideal for positions that would be difficult to fill permanently.

Every company has unique project needs, and this is particularly true when bringing on contractors. With over 40 years’ experience in the staffing industry, Prodrill has a highly experienced Contractor Management Team that supports our Temporary Agency Workers and Limited Company Contractors who are undertaking client projects.

As a client or candidate, whether you are new to temporary work, and/or a seasoned contractor, it is important to feel assured that your agency is knowledgeable in all aspects of contractor management, which includes understanding employment status’ alongside:

  • Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)
  • Working Time Directive (WTD)
  • Employment Legislation
  • Company Legislation
  • IR35 (Off-Payrolling) including status determination process
  • Contracts
  • Payroll (PAYE) processing
  • Statutory Deductions (HMRC)
  • Pension administration

Prodrill have extensive experience in transitioning multiple Temporary Agency Workers (PAYE) and Limited Company Contractors within extremely tight deadlines. We do not subcontract any part of our payroll process. We manage all aspects of our pay and bill process internally providing comfort to our clients, workers, and suppliers that we manage the entire process in-house. Our agile recruitment processes let us work with hiring managers and projects leads to develop a customised recruitment strategy.