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Prodrill have been at the heart of the energy industry identifying talent for over 40 years

Employment markets are highly competitive, identifying top talent is important for any business’ future success. Sourcing highly qualified and skilled candidates for staff positions will always require dedicated time and specialised searches.

Like many good partnerships, the recruitment process starts with an open conversation. Our team are inquisitive by nature and are keen to understand about your business and culture. They also want to fully understand the opportunities and the challenges that your business faces to enhance to matching process with suitable candidates.

Our experienced team leverage their extensive networks’ and utilise their industry knowledge to source exceptional professionals for your role requirements. Whether it’s a strategic hire or a supplement team to aid in your growth plans, we partner with you to thoroughly understand your business and the skills and personality traits of your ideal candidate(s). We are committed to sharing our industry knowledge and market intel enabling us to provide us the right solution to your sourcing & recruitment needs.

Competition for talent is at an all-time high. Companies are competing for the best and the brightest to fill even the most entry level positions. Therefore, we recognise that in today’s employment markets, it is key not only promote your role across the active candidate pool but searching wider a field tapping into candidates that are passive; allowing us to uncover talent that may not be visible in the generalised market.

Our permanent recruitment service covers the entire hiring process, and all placements are backed by our Prodrill Promise.

Prodrill Promise
  • Provide you with a dedicated recruitment expert to handle your vacancy
  • Agree the placement fee(s) before we start working for you
  • Take time to understand your organisation’s culture and values
  • Promote your company to suitable applicants, acting as a brand ambassador
  • Advertise your vacancies free of charge across our website(s), and leverage our networks to promote your role
  • Dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care
  • Make regular contact and visits to meet your ongoing requirements
  • Provide a replacement guarantee
  • Seek regular feedback as we are committed to always improving our service

Our placement mechanisms

Recruiting new talent for your company can be an extremely time-consuming process, as well as an expensive endeavour. At Prodrill we pride ourselves in adapting to your needs. Saving you time and money is one of our highest priorities. There are mainly two types of recruitment models, contingency and retained. Both have differing merits and are priced accordingly.

Contingency Recruitment

Is very straightforward. It is where we will charge a fixed percentage fee per placement, that is agreed before commencement of the process, payable on the successful candidate’s start date. If you have a position that you’re looking to fill as soon as possible your vacancy is managed within our vacancy pool, and an experienced recruiter is allocated to work on your behalf.

Whilst contingency recruitment can be effective for certain disciplines or level of roles, it may not provide you with the bespoke approach that you may need when candidates are not readily available; including technical specialists, senior or executive appointment and roles which have proved difficult to fill using the contingency approach.

Retained Search Solution

Also called an Executive Search Arrangement or Retained Recruitment. It is a personalised, tailored made recruitment plan where Prodrill works close with the HR department, department heads, and other stakeholders such as the board of directors to fully understand the qualities needed for the right candidate. This is an exclusive arrangement and a percentage of the agreed fee is paid up-front with the remainder payable at different stages of the recruitment journey. Undertaking a retained search requires a more considered approach, which includes detailed planning during the initial stages.

We would recommend speaking with Louise Wood our Recruitment Director who can provide a detailed solution package for a Retained Search Solution.